Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic Health

Pelvic Health is the root of our core health, yet we are often not well connected with this intimate part of our personal anatomy.  Pelvic health concerns are common, but they should never be considered normal.  They can affect women, men and children at any stage of life.  Because we can't see the pelvic floor, we often forget about this entire area.  Physiotherapy can address many concerns, including pelvic girdle pain, pain with intercourse, urinary or bowel incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic/abdominal weakness, and pelvic floor tension.  As with everything, prevention is always easier than treatment.  Many women, especially in the prenatal period, are arming themselves with preventative knowledge and exercises. 


Mission Statement

My mission is to increase awareness, treatment and prevention of pelvic health concerns, through workshops and one on one treatment.  

Check out this short video to see how pelvic floor physio can help you.  

Corinne Langford


I have worked with pelvic floor and general orthopaedic concerns since 2004, and have solely dedicated my practice to pelvic health since 2008.  Over the past 10 years I have taken many pelvic health courses, but the deepest learning I have received has been from my clients.  The questions, thoughts and conversations that we have motivate me to continue to learn and develop new skills.  I treat women and men with all pelvic concerns ranging from pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse.  I love being able to work with clients one on one at the Lifemark Clinic in Sundance.  However, I have consistently heard comments that there needs to be more information and awareness, and it needs to be more readily available.  Inner Balance Physio has been a brain child of mine for awhile in response to these comments.  Inner Balance offers one on one external based in-home sessions, pelvic health workshops, and classes.  I am dedicated to helping my clients discover and develop their own inner source of healing and strength.